All That Lies Within

Tears untamed

Mascara stained face

Like black rivers

Perpetually flowing.

Sculpting new features:

Furrowed brow

Eyes scowl

Dimples disappear.

Lips pursed

Smiles cursed

All so well-rehearsed.

Pain asunder

Pulls me under

‘neath the former

Life I’ve lost,

Longing for my past.

Time escaping

Memories fading

Of the former


I’ve lost.

Still I live.


I live.

Imprisoned in the cells of this body

Filled with pain,




Yet, beneath black rivers

Tears run clear

To my soul

Arousing tender shoots.

Tears untamed

Clear the way

For newness to begin.

What’s grieved has passed,

The die is cast.

Courage sought

Brows part

Lifting eyes to see,

I am still

All that lies within.

Strength rises

New horizons

Dimples reappear.

Black rivers

Wash scales from my eyes;

Understanding gained

Perspective changed.

Soul watered

Rest follows—

I am still

All that lies within.

Image by Alex Hu from Pixabay

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  1. This poem I wrote a year ago while I was sitting in my garage in the wheelchair trying to get some sun during the Colorado cold. I felt destitute with my pain and predicament. I started out feeling destitute, but as I let my past go, my perspective changed and I could see hope for my future. I would be different, but the same. I would still be ‘All that lies within’. I would still be me and everything I am and represent. My accident hasn’t changed my core. My accident has given me perspective to see God in a healthier way. I just wanted to share these thoughts with you too!

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