A beautiful ambition is more contagious than the worst cold.

– Bob Goff, Dream Big

The past few days I have been reading Bob Goff’s new book Dream Big. Every time I read a Bob Goff book, (Love Does; Everybody Always; Live in Grace, Walk in Love) I gobble it up within a few days. It is like bait that keeps enticing me until I am nourished by his inspiration. He can’t write fast enough to keep up with my insatiable appetite.

My brother Dan met Mr. Goff —I’m thinking he’d prefer Bob—last summer at a church conference in Iowa. Of course I asked (begged) him to get me an autographed copy of Love Does, one of my all-time favorite books.

“Dear Darci & Nicole! Love God; do stuff! Bob Goff”

Dan had the opportunity to take Bob to dinner after the conference and they had some one-on-one time. If I could have some Bob Goff time, I would pick his brain about three things, 1) how he loves so well, and 2) dream real big and ask if he would be my writing mentor for a book I’m writing, similar to how his friend Don was for him, and 3) What is something I could do for his ministry. He gives to so many people – how could I personally help his ministry.

Dream Big was released at the end of June – only two weeks ago! His message is to help us get unstuck in the pursuit of our dreams. There are four premises:

  • Define your dreams
  • Identify the obstacles
  • Develop a specific plan
  • Develop tools to act on the plan

The goal of Bob’s words and analogies are to help us understand what we want, why we want it, and what we’re going to do about it. Dream Big is a compilation of stories sure to inspire, yet at the same time crack you up! His writing is unique in that his teachings he relates with personal parable-like stories to help us understand the Dream Big concepts, which are packed with power. I won’t give any stories away, however some of my favorite quotes from Dream Big are:

Stop talking about what you want to do some day. Get started. Don’t wait for the right day, a full moon, or a fairy to land on your nose. Make up an eighth day of the week if you need to. Call it “Startday.”

This is the way ambitions work—sometimes they simply don’t. Resist the tendency to be discouraged or thrown off the scent when it happens to you. It’s what you do next that says a lot about who you are.

What you really need to believe in your gut is that, in God’s economy, nothing is ever wasted. Not your pain, nor your disappointments, not your setbacks. These are your tools. They can be used later as a recipe for your best work. Quit throwing the batter away.

…networking is nothing more than pretending to be friends with someone while having a secret agenda for someone. You’ll know you’re fully available when there’s nothing on the other side of the equals sign of availabilityjust you and your big, beautiful ambitions as well as a load of interest in what other people’s ambitions are too.

Get current with yourself. Don’t be who you were; be who you are becoming.

You will be astounded by his personal experiences and would not believe them until you read them for yourself! At the end of the book is a “dream hub…to gain the clarity, confidence, and momentum you need to turn your ambitions into realities.”

I give Bob Goff a galaxy of stars rating for Dream Big. Reach for the stars and check out his books on the links below.

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I hope you enjoy Bob Goff’s writings as much as I do! Here are the links to some of his books if you’d like to purchase one:

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