I am taking a fun and different adventure with my blog post this week, reviewing the new children’s book, Build with Bricks. With Christmas coming soon, you surely must know a child ages 5-9! After reading the review, if you would like to purchase the book, you can visit here which will take you to the bookstore. You will find Build with Bricks at the top of the page! Click on it to purchase directly from Amazon. Please help support new authors!

Author Ray Price is a wonderful family man. When his daughter was in preschool and kindergarten, he bought children’s books to donate to her school. He made cookies for the kids then visited her class to read the books to them. One day his daughter looked at him and said, “Dad, I know you write plays for stage. Can you write a story for me?” And so he did. He is currently writing a second book that will be released next year. His books center around family values.

Book Review: Build with Bricks

After receiving Build with Bricks, I read it out loud as if reading to a group of kids in a classroom. Build with Bricks is a children’s book for kids ages five to nine. The main character, little Mudball, is a purple biracial pig with a blue Pa and a pink Ma. As I read the story aloud, I found myself completely engaged in the tale, wondering what would happen next. There are humorous “laugh out loud” moments that are relatable in our modern world. The twists to the story of the Three Little Pigs are relatable and funny. Children will also hear and learn a valuable lesson through brick-building they will remember when Mom and Dad have them do things they may not understand until they are a little older. This book is also a delightful read for adults reading the book with their child or in their classroom. I highly recommend Ray Prices Pigquel to The Three Little Pigs, Build with Bricks!

Illustrator, Mandy Huey, does a fantastic job of communicating present-day humor through the characters’ facial expressions and other surprises you will find in the book. I did a read-through of the book, looking at the illustrations only. They are very colorful, descriptive, and comical. The combination of words and pictures blend marvelously into this book your child will want to read again and again!

Author, Ray Price, dedicated Build with Bricks to his daughter Alivya, who encouraged him to write. Additionally he dedicates it, “To everyone with a dream: all you need is your mind and a brick, and you can build anything with your imagination.”

He is right—and his book is a great place to stimulate that imagination to begin building. Five stars for Build with Bricks!

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