Biography: Darci Steiner is a Colorado native, (although she and her husband lived in Los Angeles for four years during the Northridge Quake, the Rodney King Riots, The OJ Simpson ordeal, the floods and fires!) who loves to wear flannel and have something fleece nearby at all times. Darci is married to Mark (29 years) and has two adult daughters, and a granddaughter on the way! She loves to play her keyboard, write, help people nutritionally, study her Bible, and sit on the deck watching the clouds, hawks, and sunsets. Darci is in the process of writing a book on the Lord’s Prayer (from a really cool creative angle!) and a book on the Healings in the Bible. On this site you will find a mixture of writings on her blog, Radiant, mostly nutritional and spiritual in nature. Thank you for visiting Radiant Holistic Nutrition!

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