Gifts I’ve Gained from Suffering

Suffering brings me to a place where no one else can go except God. It’s a space where only he can understand me, and it enriches our relationship.

Darci J Steiner
  • Perseverance when I thought I couldn’t go on.
  • Greater mercy for others, realizing essential things in life do not include holding grudges.
  • More profound gratitude for things I used to take for granted.
  • Creativity sparked and nurtured.

During my long-term suffering, I have learned to sit in fear and not be afraid. I know God’s plans for me are always good.

Darci J Steiner
  • Granting forgiveness to others, realizing my own necessity for it.
  • Deeper faith that God is in control—learning I am not in control of anything.
  • I am learning to enjoy creation more and marvel at its intricacies and beauty.
  • Having courage to face where I have never been.

Suffering has taught me not to approach those who are obviously suffering with woeful eyes but instead to look at and approach them with the utmost respect.

Darci J Steiner
  • Learning I can survive my worst fears. Even twice.
  • Learning I can experience joy even while I suffer. Joy and suffering are not mutually exclusive.
  • Life is more spiritually enriched when suffering than when sailing on smooth waters.

Peace doesn’t come from the absence of pain—peace comes from spending time with God.

Darci J Steiner
  • I realize all the things I can do without. I’m learning to let things go that aren’t necessary and consume time, making me less productive in living my purpose.
  • I’ve learned greater empathy for others. When I understand what comforts me, I can convey that comfort to others.
  • While suffering, I have grown in patience because I am reminded the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Gifts in suffering are most often given in hindsight so we can grow in trust during its ravages.

Darci J Steiner
  • I have learned to receive love more effectually because I grasp my dire need for it.
  • I have learned to hope because disappointment gives me a great deal of practice.
  • Through suffering, I have attempted to be a peacemaker rather than a judge because everyone is going through hardship simultaneously.
  • I know I’m having a good day when my mood isn’t dictated by my pain but instead by his love.

Relating to a sufferer is not that difficult. What makes it difficult is when your go-to question is, “How are you feeling?” There is more to us than our pain. We delight in more thoughtful and engaging questions such as, “What have you been learning lately?”

Darci J Steiner
  • God has taken me down a different path than I had planned. He has given me new passions and talents that I never dreamed he’d grant.
  • Suffering has taught me it’s okay to laugh at things I struggle with because without laughter I will sink into despair.
  • Suffering has freed me to find my voice and speak out so God can use this suffering for his glory.

Heartache sucks the life out of you unless your life aches for Christ.

Darci J Steiner
  • Suffering has taught me what matters most in life is not what we see but what God sees.
  • Suffering has afforded me opportunities to make friends with some of the strongest people I know—the disabled.
  • Suffering has taught me that I am stronger now than when I could walk.
  • Suffering has provided a community for me to stand up and speak out for—those who can’t do so themselves.

I have learned from living with chronic pain that I have a clearer calling in my purpose than I would have otherwise. Various callings have been eliminated and illuminated, providing a path I do not question. My purpose hasn’t been compromised; it’s been defined.

Darci J Steiner
  • Fire purifies. So does suffering. I don’t want to be exempt from purification.
  • Suffering is like a bonfire exposing truths you would not see without the flames of light burning bright.
  • If I had healed quickly, I fear I would be directing my life again. But my life is better executed by my Creator, who is carrying out his purpose for me.
  • To suffer long is to suffer strong. Weakness is clothed in a comfortable life.

The benefits of having suffered deliver a superior understanding of the benefits of the cross.

Darci J Steiner
  • To suffer is to gain character. With character, you can impact those who benefit from your God-given wisdom.
  • Suffering has taught me there is a God, for miracles can only come from him, and he has healed pains and solved problems no other being, or icon, could solve.
  • Suffering has taught me to clear away the clutter in my mind so I can see.
  • To suffer day after day, month after month, year after year humbles you, but Christ embodied humility.

When I suffer, I am called to a place of discomfort, a place I do not want to be, but a place where God chooses to grow me.

Darci J Steiner
  • People who surround a sufferer, endure suffering too. They may be suffering deeper pains than the one they are caring for.
  • Through suffering, I have learned how to identify those who have deeply suffered too. They befriend you instead of look away.
  • Pain changes you. It reveals the real you. That’s why it’s allowed, so you can see what to focus on.
  • Who better to help those hurting than those who have themselves suffered? Without suffering, we would have no empathy, no compassion, no community, no understanding.

Love includes pain because love is the chisel that forms us into our identity in Christ.

Darci J Steiner

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