Hey! I Wrote a Book!

The following is an excerpt from a book I have written that is in editing stages. The title is still a working title, for which I’d love your feedback. Let’s start there.

Possible titles:

  1. Fringe Benefits: Gifts in Suffering
  2. Fringe Benefits: Gifts Within Your Suffering
  3. Fringe Benefits: Uncovering Gifts Within Your Suffering
  4. Fringe Benefits: Blessings Born from Suffering

Here is an excerpt from my introduction:


Metaphorically, many people today have given up reaching out in faith to “touch” Jesus. Instead, we are waiting for Jesus to reach out to “touch” us. When we feel he hasn’t, we claim he is non-existent or doesn’t care about us. Jesus didn’t heal everyone during his earthly ministry, but he healed everyone who came to him. During his time on earth he denied no one healing who asked or reached out. We have a choice when we are hurting. Do we turn to God in trust, or do we turn away from him in bitterness? Our attitude and future hinge on this choice. In our suffering, will we remain bitter and angry, or let God show himself to us through the suffering? When we lean into God and the suffering, we learn about him rather than withdraw from him. I’ve chosen each side at different times in my life. Bitterness becomes in you a mildew, but trusting God through prayer becomes in you a renewal.


The real stories in this book illuminate the Healer’s power and how healing, and the gifts in healing, come in various forms. I pray that as you read the stories herein, you will look for and receive the fringe benefits God has waiting for you, just as those he healed and the witnesses who watched the works of God firsthand. The healings Jesus performed during his lifetime will provide the backbone of [Title]. I want to show you the physical healings Jesus performed because they address physical healing and mental, emotional, and spiritual. Woven throughout the biblical stories of healings are my own stories of suffering over the past forty years.

Life involves suffering in the now, just like it did for Jesus when he lived in human form. Jesus did the most challenging part for us by dying for our sins. Currently, our role is to trust God even though life is hard, even though we don’t understand how God and suffering could coexist together. Pain is selfish—it wants all our attention. But I’ve learned that suffering gives meaning to everything. How else can we understand what hope is unless we’ve felt hopeless? Or how can we know peace unless we’ve suffered anxiety? Suffering gives these states of being context.

All of us need healing, whether experiencing physical or emotional pain: divorce, job loss, grief, addiction, financial troubles—any trouble. When we watch Jesus and hear his words with expectant faith, God gives gifts such as hope, joy, peace, compassion, and mercy. He told the bleeding woman after he healed her, “Go in peace.” Not only was she physically healed, but she could also finally have peace: both fringe benefits from God. When the crowds on the fringe of the healing witnessed firsthand the miracle, they did not walk away unaffected. They, too, received benefits of faith and hope by merely seeing Jesus loving another being. He still holds out blessings for us in our suffering. Join this journey to learn how gifts from God are born from suffering.

Quote in book

I will be querying agents soon, or may go the self-publishing route. We will have to wait and see what happens!

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Rough Draft/Working Title


  1. Great job, Darci. Very happy for you and proud of your accomplishment. I like the title as you have it!

  2. Hi Darci! I prefer title #4. I love alliteration, and I like how clearly the concept is stated. Can’t wait to watch your success!

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