Rosemary – headache relief, anti-inflammatory, aids indigestion, protection against Alzheimer’s and stroke, improves blood circulation, increases cognitive function, improves mood, relieves stress, eases heartburn, protects skin cells from damage

Peppermint — ease indigestion and gas, alleviates irritable bowel syndrome and menstrual cramps, helps loosen lung congestion, boosts cognitive function, relieves headache, freshens breath, helps relieve menstrual cramps, may relieve clogged sinuses, improves energy, may improve seasonal allergies

Thyme —helpful during acute and chronic respiratory affections, helpful in relieving diarrhea, indigestion and gas, loaded with vitamin C and A which protects your immune system, relieves anxiety, helps heal cold sores, helps boost mood

Sage —strengthens memory, protects cells from oxidative damage, helpful for night sweats, useful as a gargle for sore throat, supports oral health, provides ease from menopausal symptoms, good for heart health, may reduce blood sugar levels, good for brain health, helps lower bad cholesterol

Basil —helpful for headaches, nausea, fevers, flu, colds, cramps, indigestion, constipation, supports nerve function, anti-inflammatory, fights breast cancer, fights heart disease, fights depression, fights free radicals, helps prevent acne, supports liver function, promotes detoxification, promotes healthy gut

Parsley —anti-inflammatory, boosts memory, assists with bronchial and lung congestion and urinary tract infections, high in cancer fighting antioxidants, supports bone health, assists in heart health, may improve blood sugar

Cilantro —helps prevent excess blood sugars from being stored as fats, anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, soothes irritable bowel, supports heart health, anti-cancer effects, eases pain, protects against skin cancer, antifungal properties

***If you are taking medications, are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have allergies, please exercise caution and talk with your physician before using herbs.***

 Information adapted from: The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra, LAc, OMD; Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC

Herbs are easy to add to your meals. Go for fresh when possible to receive the full benefits they offer.

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