Journey Toward Publication

The writing journey. Tumultuous. Exhilarating. Detail-oriented, yet freestyle. I’m not a published author yet. But I have begun to traverse the journey at least by finishing my book. I wrote the book I needed this past year, which I hope will help you in upcoming years if it goes anywhere. It is about finding gifts in suffering. Truth be told, if an agent does not pick it up, I will self-publish. I have other books up my sleeve, just waiting for the go-ahead to dance through my fingers and onto the keyboard. My brain works faster than do my fingers. I wonder if I will always have a backlog of books in my mind. I imagine most authors do. Once you turn on the writer’s mind, I don’t know if it can be turned off. Book, chapter, or sentence ideas creep into my mind during conversations or parties and must be recorded before they evaporate. I’ve excused myself many-a-time to go to the restroom to record my idea on my phone’s recording app. I don’t worry about the person in the next stall who wonders if I’m talking to myself because when we meet at the sink, they don’t even dare look at me. I smile anyway.

Authors are a crazy bunch. I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen asleep with an idea in mind, sure I’ll remember it the next day, but like a dream, it has vanished. The last time this happened, I memorized the sentence, counted all five words and eight syllables, and thought out my mnemonic. Nevertheless, it escaped me. Dang, what was it? It was sure to have been the sentence that would have changed the world!

I love writing. It is my creative outlet. Creativity is maybe more important now than ever. Through creativity, we can heal. Writing has been therapeutic for me. I wish I had proposed to words years ago. But here we are at the proposal stage, where together we look for someone who will believe in us. We have meshed now. We have spent multitudes of time together learning from one another—my book talks to me and me to it (confusing my husband). Our relationship is more profound than “it,” though. It is a part of me. It can never be separated from me. We forged this journey together, letter by letter and space by space, into something never crafted before. One day we will be permanently bound together, rather than contained only by a binder clip. Writing isn’t a lonely journey. I have found a new cathartic friend.

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