My Calm

I search for them in the darkness –

My only relief

The only thing that settles me.

Turning in pain

Floundering on the bed

Calling aloud for help.

Where are they?

My stability, my hope, my strength.

I wait longingly for them to arrive,

And when they do –

I’ll be calmed.

I will breathe.

I search again, and they appear!

The gentle green eyes of you, my dear.

I lock on and see

In those eyes –

A window into your soul

Speaking of your love for me.

They speak truth, and

Define love.

I gaze and breathe,

Gaze and breathe.

Your eyes see mine –

A window into my soul

Speaking of my love for you.

No words be said

Our eyes speak instead.

Your love is my calm.

Your eyes.

My eyes.

My hope.

Our love.


    1. Lisa, thank you for saying that. I’m experimenting with writing poetry, and discovering that sometimes writing too many words can get in the way of the imagery of the story. It’s been fun for me to try my hand at poetry! Thanks for reading, and writing!

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