Pain is Part of the Plan

Healing happens in the slightest of increments;

Unobservable, unfelt moments.

Moments that cannot be measured because of their minuteness,

Nevertheless, occurring beneath our observance and understanding.

Healing comes from God – even when we fight and scream, “Why don’t you help me?”


We cannot perceive His methods or measurements of healing.

We perceive pain, grief, and loss.

He sees with the omnipresent, omniscient eyes of a holy God,

He hears with inconceivable compassion of a loving God,

He responds with guidance to heal in a way of His choosing,

In a way unseen by our limited minds and narrow vision.


His path choice is always for our healing,

But He reveals not His plans.

We feel stormy days, and fright-filled nights,

Unbearable grief, and unfathomable darkness,

Tortuous pain and even longings for death.

God’s plan is to heal,

If not on earth, then in life everlasting.


Faith trusts the unseen.

Faith is our sight,

But we are blind.

Blinded by suffering, discouragement, grief, and pain.

How do we see beyond the lens of what is seen?

We try, and we fail.

We believe, and then we don’t.

We get up and fall back down.


Pain is part of the plan.

For pain reminds us to search – to reach for Him.

He gives us choice to believe, or not,

To reach, or not.

Faith cannot be found without pain,

And cannot exist without suffering;

Without blindness.


Pain is part of the plan,

And His plan is glorious!

His plan is blinding because of its brilliance!

It is thought out and lavishly beautiful in the eyes of our Creator.

Our Creator loves us –

Is still creating us,

Providing exactly what we need.


We want no pain, no sorrow…

But these, these are the things that sculpt our faith, courage, compassion, and love.

He is forming us,

Shaping us through currents, waves, trenches, and torrents of life,

So that we can become more like Him.


His plans are good.

His plans are perfect.

With faith, someday we will be like Him,

And we will see Him as He is!


Then we will understand the why of our pain.


Keep holding on.

Pain is part of the plan,

But healing is too.


  1. This is great, Darci. I find I hide from pain, and have tried to protect my son from it, to his detriment.

    1. Thank you for reading Katie. Pain always serves a purpose, but it is so difficult to face and to see good in it. God is working in both your lives chiseling and refining. I just said a prayer for both of you. God bless you! Happy Thanksgiving. Darci

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