Personal Reflection on Rejection

What is rejection but a suggestion from another of their opinion? Does one’s opinion control me? If I allow it, it can make me quit, cause me to believe I’m an idiot for trying, impede my self-esteem, or curb my creativity. Does it mean I have less in me to create? No, it’s the reception of rejection that is the problem. A rejection isn’t even a majority of opinions—it is one, or maybe a collective few. People’s rejections of my ideas do not invalidate them or me. If I let rejection stop me, smolder me, who knows what I could have given or created had I not prepared myself for the rejection that comes with creating and presenting my ideas to the world? My ideas are mine—they are me. I’m not here to let one’s validation or invalidation of me determine my future. I’m a creative and must create. I must continue to create because it is an expression of myself that I hope can enhance others’ lives who resonate with my creative outlet.

Rejection cannot stop me; I will not let it stop me. I’ve just begun to find myself again, and it is through writing. I love to write thoughts no one has written before. My life’s experiences speak when I let them. To create means to unleash what’s stored inside me; experiences mesh together to tell stories, and stories make sense of experiences once recorded. I don’t think experiences are meant to keep to ourselves—I believe they are designed to share.

There will be rejections. They are coming. They have been coming. Yes, I have written a book, but it wasn’t really me. It came from a lifetime of allowances on your part. You, Holy Spirit, wrote this book from a lifetime of suffering allowances you entrusted me to hold out to the world. This I consider my ultimate victory in valiantly carrying my cross. Only you can hold the weight of the cross I bear. You are the author of the stories of my life.

My allowance to share them is my part. My allowance of them to be shared with the world is what subjects me to rejection. What is rejection in the grand scheme of things? The victory is in moving into fear, inhabiting it, yet not being afraid of it. When I settle into fear, it becomes less scary because rejection becomes normal, not defeating. I can sit in fear and not be afraid.

Victory is moving into fear, inhabiting it, yet not being afraid of it.

Why should I fear rejection when the only acceptance that matters is what you feel about me? I feel as if I’m in a fresh new love story accepting your love for me. You have never rejected me. Not once. So, when my rejection letters come, or people unsubscribe or unfollow me, I will sit in fear and not be afraid. I can sit there and revel in us because there is no fear in truth, and the truth is, you accept me. You love what we write. We write and create together like choreographing a waltz for a bride and groom. Writing helps me know us better. You speak and guide; I listen, follow, and type to the beat.

When rejection comes, it can’t affect us because others’ opinions of us are obsolete. If they reject us, it’s not where you were leading, and that’s okay. I will not let rejection stifle us—it will ignite us! It will not have us because I have you. 

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  1. Amen! Preach it, girl! You have spoken the truth that I, too, have found. I just love how you phrased it: Sit in the fear, revel in it, because it has no power in the presence of God.

    1. Thank you Brenda. I’m so glad you have experienced this too. We are such a fearful people, but it is of our own doing. We need not be afraid within the presence of God. Thanks for your beautiful response.

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