Standing for the Misunderstood

He once stood
And people understood him.
Then he fell, 
And people fell too — 
Away from him.
He sat in his wheelchair,
And people did not understand
The place he was now.
They thought he stood no more
For the things he stood for before.
He is the same as he was before.
He is still who he is.
He is still able 
and —
Understandable and impressionable
Accomplishable and knowledgeable
Irreplaceable and companionable
Unstoppable and approachable
Respectable and accountable
Charitable and dependable
Honorable and fashionable
Hospitable and vulnerable
Excitable and employable
Adaptable and admirable
Remarkable and sociable
Malleable and peaceable
Reliable and reasonable
Teachable and valuable
Laughable and amiable
Educable and suitable
Relatable and lovable
Likable and workable
Capable and able
He still stands
For the things he stood for before,
And now he stands also
For the misunderstood —
He simply does it sitting.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


  1. I love this. We need to see the person not the wheelchair, the cane. or whatever else an injury or illness changes in a person’s outside. I am reblogging this.

    1. Yes, going from “able bodied” to “differently abled” in a day opened my eyes to the reality of how people are treated based on their outward abilities. I wanted to tell people that I’m still me – the same person you knew yesterday when I could walk. I know I’m not the only person who has felt dismissed. The elderly are dismissed so frequently because of their physical disabilities, but oh the wisdom they behold. If only we saw them based on their abilities and not their disabilities. So I stand for them now in my struggle. Thanks for writing and sharing! – Darci

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