The Pain of Days Gone By
Living my greatest fear
Centered in the vortex of pain.
The eye in this storm is the eye of God
Directing, loving, forming.
Forever gone the pain of days gone by,
Never to relive again.
Current days of less pain,
Hope rises within.
Progress evolves,
Slower than slow.
Looking back, I see
The pain of days gone by.
Memories of a deeper pain
Fade into translucent wafts of smoke.
Tortuous wails weaken into thinner cries.       
Fear bows to acceptance.
Hope unfolds, piece by piece,
Glinting ‘neath the surface.
It is there, amongst the despair
Revealing longed for.
Corners peel back, one by one,
Memories detach as days go by.
Looking back I see
The pain of days gone by.
Current days of less fear
For what I feared is fear,
But I am here
In His eye in the storm.
Forever gone,
The pain of days gone by.

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