A stronghold to those who knew her.

A standout amongst the rest

Until her dying day.

Others given away,

But she was chosen –

For that light and love

had to become family.


She chose too –

Asking sweetly with green eyes of love.

A bond so immediate it had to be right.

Day and night as the routine went,

She gave of herself endlessly.


The protector.

Taking on every watchman’s shift,

An ever-present silent strength.

Never demanding, only responding –

Responding to senses perceived

But unnamed.


Responding when needed,

Just knowing somehow.

Her presence appeared,

The comforter near.

She walked with dignity and grace

Always dressed to the hilt.

Confident, yet humble.

A strength maintained

Despite her challenges

Near end of life.

Never not giving,

Even when hardly living.


Warmth generated by her heart

She shared with all she met.

Her words were few

Though she understood much.

Her greetings in the morning

Unleashed from nighttime silence,

Ready to get on with the day.


Always curious

Welcoming the new,

But loving familiar, simpler things too.

She grew with us

Aging as we all do,

Never showing herself elderly

Always emanating youth.


We chose her when the girls were young;

They remember not life without her.

The joy she brought –

A life-changing start.


Her appearance – angelic like,

Eyes communicating what couldn’t be voiced.

She had needs,

Though very few.

She leaned into love,

Joyfully accepting it back.


Her presence now gone.

Warmth replaced by frostbite.

Her eyes only a remembrance

Of what I can see.

She gave me strength

When I was too weak to ask –

She just knew.

My anchor when



Never again a new memory to be made,

Only remembrances of what was.

She was my Tuxedo cat, my Tuxy.

My 17-year constant companion.

My friend, my anchor, my watchman.

Gone forever,

Though not from my heart.

My little buddy Tuxy


  1. Hi Darci, I am sorry to hear about Tuxedo. She was a great companion. It is hard to loose a wet nose! She is in heaven I believe and you will see her again.Prayers to you!

  2. These little spirits of love move into our hearts and stay for life. Sending so much love to you. Sweet Tuxy…

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