FOOD SYNERGY  (1+1=3)   

Food synergy occurs when 2 or more foods consumed together work together in a way that is powerful than their effects would be if each food were consumed alone.

  • Fish (the mineral selenium) + broccoli (phytochemical sulforaphane) = 13 times more cancer protection than either nutrient eaten alone.
  • Wheat + peanuts = complete protein. Peanut butter and whole wheat sandwich are a great combination!
  • Cooked tomatoes + olive oil = a little olive oil will help the carotenes to be absorbed and utilized by your body. Ninety-eight percent of the phytochemicals in tomatoes are found in the tomato skin. Absorption is much greater when the tomatoes are cooked and when eaten with some smart fat (such as olive oil).
  • Spinach (iron) + orange (vitamin C) = greater iron absorption than iron taken alone. Other power combinations include red peppers + quinoa and steak + potatoes.
  • Vitamin C (fruit) + Vitamin E (nuts) = vitamin C recycles vitamin E for greater antioxidant protection. Fruit and nut bars are a great combination.
  • B vitamins (particularly, folic acid + B6 + B12) work together to reduce artery damage, which leads to heart attacks and strokes. B vitamins taken separately do not know what to do in the body. They rely on each other.
  • Vegetable (salad) + healthy fat (avocado or olive oil) = better absorption of the nutrients found in veggies.
  • Apple + apple skin = together prevent oxidation, which can lead to cancerous cell growth.
  • Broccoli + tomatoes = eaten together have been shown to suppress prostate tumor growth.
  • Apples + grapes = heart protection (anticoagulant effect)
  • Blueberries + walnuts = increased brain power
  • Tortilla + beans or brown rice + beans = together make a complete protein containing all the amino acids
Image by Erika Tanith from Pixabay

What’s your favorite combo?

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