I’ve been thinking about the hurts and pains in our world caused by negative words. Words can also heal. I think it’s time we promote some healing, don’t you? Words can spread wildfire or light. Here are some ways I believe we can bridge some torn relationships with positive words. What better way to heal the division and chasm that has hurt mankind, than to build bridges with our words? Here are some “word bridges” to begin healing our hurt world. Please add your ideas in the comments and share!

When “I’m sorry” needs to be said, instead of keeping the words stuck in the back of your throat.

When “I see your point” nurtures mutual respect without having to prove you are right.

When silence is spoken instead of taking a jab.

When “Here, let me help you” is gifted to someone in need.

When “thank you” is spoken in a tone accentuating heartfelt gratitude.

When “I love you” is said to another’s eyes, instead of as a run-on sentence while running out the door.

When “I disagree” doesn’t need to be shored up by “likes” on social media for your self-esteem.

When words are heard without planning your subsequent rebuttal, realizing common ground may instead be found by listening.

When saying “no” protects a child or teen from feeling entitled.

When a smile speaks any language.

When “I was wrong” is seen as a strength rather than weakness.

When “I appreciate you” is expressed verbally.

When political views stop dividing families and friends.

When conversations are spoken without trying to impress or establish superiority.

When someone breaks the silence when the silence is hurtful and separates.

When you really do pray for someone instead of making a false promise.

When asking more questions about the other person and talking less of yourself.

When asking a unique, thoughtful question instead of a standard go-to.

When someone expresses sorrow over something and you don’t begin to talk about your own sufferings, but instead stay with them in theirs.

When not allowing your thoughts in your mind distract you from focusing on who are you are with.

When turning off the phone when spending time with someone else.

When cards are written with words of encouragement.

When having an equal back and forth conversation, rather than dominating.

When words spoken in confidence are held in a safe place.

When harsh tones are softened so as not to hurt someone.

When contagious laughter is shared.

When the elephant in the room is acknowledged considerately.

When relationship matters more than causes.

When children’s ears are protected from things too big for their small, growing brains to understand.

When cheers are shouted for all teammates.

When passive-aggressive words are recognized and ignored.

When thoughts are worked out in a journal to gain personal understanding.

When quotes are used for their intended purpose in context.

When talking with a counselor helps.

When saying hello to others more often than you already do.

When practicing self-control and swallowing your unhelpful words.

When speaking out for someone who can’t speak up for him/herself.

When thanking people for their service.

When not embellishing the truth to make your story sound more impressive than it is.

When the truth is the standard for words that flow from your mouth.

When words are not used to manipulate.

When using your words to stand up to a bully.

When walking away respectfully from a harmful conversation.

When finding the perfect descriptors.

When being the one to say what the other person needs to hear.

When saying nothing is better than saying the wrong thing.

When “I believe in you” is shouted to your teen on their way to school.

When conversing goes deeper than the weather forecast.

When names are remembered and used in conversation.

When you praise a coworker in front of their boss.

When it’s time to wrap up the conversation, being sensitive to the other person’s schedule.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

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