Worth Waiting For

Lord, even in darkness you are right
Through suffering you are defined.
Your light silhouettes my soul
With hope.
Even though I battle in the dark,
Pain enveloping me
I’m held.
Held by my Creator
Who continues his work in me.
Who is but created once?
Daily you form me
Sustain me
Regenerate me.
My heart reaches through the thickness of the dark
To search for what I desire
To know – to see – to love you.
You are my God.
I will not leave you,
And you will never abandon me.
In my weakness
I’m held.
I can be patient;
You are worth waiting for.
May my suffering be wasted not
In this love story.
One cannot understand the why of suffering,
Or suffering would not accomplish its purpose.
If Job knew the why,
Job he would not be.


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